Hurricane IRMA

With Hurricane Irma fast approaching, all Southern products are extremely limited.  Right now we can substitute American Red Snappers with either Silks or Guacamayo.  The Silk Snappers are 8# and up.  Their diet consist of shrimp, crab and smaller fish.  The Silk Snapper flesh is firm with a sweet nutty flavor.  Priced to move!  So affordable!  Our second option is Gaucamayo also from South America.  Guacamayo Snappers will cut darker than Silks but still cook up to a beautiful off white fillet. 

While we are all waiting, watching and praying for our fellow Southern Fisherman....let not forget about our Fisherman up North.  As the weather gets rougher here, it will make it impossible for smaller boats to go out.  This will drive up the price on all product.  Some items may not be available at all.  Right now we are extremely limited on Fresh Squid.